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Security Working Group


To conduct investigations and researches in issues related to Internet information security and requirements of related industries; to establish standards, norms as well as testing and assessing systems on Internet information security; and to put forward industrial Internet security solutions and conduct pilot operations across the industry.

TAN Xiaosheng

Vice President of Qihu 360 Technology Co., Ltd
Vice Chairman
  • ZHAO Qing

    Member of the Science and Technology Committee of the 6th Research Institute of China Electronics Corporation

  • HUANG Shuqiang

    Director of Government & Enterprises Information Security Solutions of ZTE Corporation

  • LI Jiangli

    Vice President of Beijing Kuangn Network Technology Limited Liability Company

  • TIAN Huirong

    Vice Director of the Security Research Institute, CAICT

  • ZHANG Feng

    Assistant Director of the Security Institute of China Mobile Research Institute