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Industrial Development Working Group


To take charge in popularizing best industrial Internet application practices and solutions and to select and release best application practices and solutions; and to export typical industrial Internet solutions.


Director of the Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Center of China Telecom Government and Corporate Accounts Service
Vice Chairman
  • CHEN Hailin

    Director of Integrated Solutions of Sany Group

  • ZHAO Yuyi

    Vice General Manager of the Traffic Industry Innovation Center of China Telecom Government and Corporate Accounts Branch Company

  • ZHOU Yi

    Chief Information Officer of Beijing HollySys Technology Group

  • YANG Baogang

    Chief Expert of Equipment Manufacturing of Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  • XIE Bingbing

    Assistant Chief Engineer of Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry

  • MIAO Quan

    Assistant Director of the Research Department of the Internet Society of China

  • DING Han

    Senior Executive of China Datang Group Corporation

  • LIU Ling

    Director of Internet-based Plants Project, Haier Group

  • LIU Mo

    Director of Information Technology and Industrial Integration Research Institute of China Academy of Telecommunication Research

  • LI Shu

    Manager of IOT Extension Department of the Customer Service Department of China Unicom