AII Information

March. 2017

Information Source:Reuters/joshua Roberts

The 2017 Industrial Internet Summit was held in Beijing International Conference Centre on the 20th and 21st of February. Supervised by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and co-organised by China Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), the conference was hosted by Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice minister of MIIT while addressed by Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and Mr Zhuang Rongwen, Deputy Director at the CPC Internet Security and Information Technology Leading Committee.
Minister Miao pointed out that China is at the edge of industrial transformation. To accelerate establishing industrial internet will help deepening manufacturing and internet coevaluating, making China's manufacturing and internet industry more competitive, while also promoting supply side reformation and accelerate industrial gear shifting. The Chinese Government encourages the development of industrial internet and had made progresses in key areas such as new type internet planning, industrial internet platform, industrial big data analysis and security. Minister Miao expects the next step development could see various stakeholders emphasising key areas and strengthening cooperation. He urges the CAII to realise cooperation, local participants should identify bottlenecks and intensify policy support: To create an innovative, coordinative, green, open and sharing atmosphere for China's industrial internet development.
Deputy Director Zhuang pointed out that industrial internet has critical importance for promoting industrial digitalisation, web-oriented and intelligence transformation, uplifting industrial efficiency and quality, and traditional industry transformation. The next step development should have science and technology innovation, industrial ecosystem, international cooperation and security more underlined.
Dr Chen pointed out that the industrial internet is a key point in merging and innovation, and has become a keystone for industrial innovation and transformation, had offered irreplaceable opportunities for traditional industry upgrading and emerging industries fostering. The Summit could help participants deepening communications and promoting consensus. Chen hopes the participants to deepen and realise their cooperation, opening a new era for industrial internet development.
Entitled 'Integrated and Win-Win Industrial Internet" , this summit saw over 1600 participants from the government, enterprises, academy, institutions and organisations. It discussed industrial internet development trend and updates,  exchanged technical breakthroughs and practices, delivered industrial internet research outcomes, and showed the strategic industrial internet development outcomes.