Industrial Internet Standard System(V1.0)

AII Information

December 2016

Information Source:Reuters/joshua Roberts

Industrial Internet involves all industrial segment and all entities of industry field and ICT field, and it’s forming a complicated and total new ecological system. With industrial system networking and collaboration increasing, lots of new standardization requirements rise. While considering about the problems for Industrial Internet such as standard lacking, standard lagging, and standard duplicated, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Alliance of Industrial Internet (referred to as AII hereinafter) launched the study on the Industrial Internet standard system. Based on Industrial Internet Architecture (Version 1.0) and research on Industrial Internet standard requirements, AII drafted the Report on Industrial Internet Standard System (Version 1.0). In this Report, we propose the general idea, basic principles, standard system framework, key standardization directions and promotion suggestions. It aims to provide a systemized guidance of Industrial Internet standardization for the industrial communities, to provide references and basis for development and amendment of Industrial Internet national standards, industrial standards and group standards, and to provide support for Industrial Internet development.

It’s no doubt that Industrial Internet is a long-term development and evolution. AII will continue to revise and publish updated versions of the report on the basis of continuous and in-depth studies on the standard requirements, the development of industrial internet at both domestic and abroad, as well as feedbacks from the industrial communities.