Miao Wei Attended the Founding Conference of the Alliance of the Industrial Internet and Delivered a Speech

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Information Source:Reuters/joshua Roberts

Miao Wei Attended the Founding Conference of the Alliance of the Industrial Internet and Delivered a Speech

The Founding Conference of the Alliance of Industrial Internet was held in Beijing on February 1st, 2016. Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, attended this conference and delivered a speech. The full text of his speech is as follows:

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, good afternoon.
I am very glad to witness the founding of the Alliance of Industrial Internet together with you. The founding of the Alliance of Industrial Internet is of great significance to implement “China Manufacturing 2025” and promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, I would like to express my warm congratulations to the founding of the Alliance and my heartfelt gratitude to those who gave long-term care and support to China’s industrial and information technology cause.
At present, the global information technology revolution is leading a new round of industrial transformation. The integration of the Internet and the manufacturing industry has entered the new phase of shifting from the partial expansion to the full penetration, from the consumption area to the production area and from the production transformation to the model innovation. As the industrial and application ecology with the all-round deep integration of the new generation of the information technology and the industrial system, industrial Internet has become the common choice of major industrial powers to realize the intelligent manufacturing and seize the commanding height of the competition in the international manufacturing industry. China is in a critical period of restructuring and kinetic energy conversion, the digitalization, networking and intelligentization of the manufacturing industry is continuously accelerating, and the integration with the Internet is increasingly deepening. The good news is that some industrial enterprises actively practice the new production mode based on the industrial Internet, some Internet enterprises are accelerating in expanding to the design and service areas of the manufacturing industry, and some basic telecom enterprises and software service companies have devoted greater efforts to provide integrated solutions for industrial enterprises. These will strongly promote the structural reform of the supply side of the manufacturing industry to improve the industrial quality and efficiency, and also create unlimited business opportunities and open up new Blue Ocean for the innovative and transformative development of various enterprises.
The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to deepening the integration of the manufacturing industry and the Internet. Both “China Manufacturing 2025” and “Internet+” actions regard the layout of the industrial Internet as an important task. A series of major policy measures to promote the construction of the network implementation and the development of cloud computing and big data have been successively introduced. The “Manufacturing Power Strategy” and the “Internet Power Strategy” promote each other and are speeding up in the implementation. We can say to construct the industrial Internet well is not only the development necessity, but also has possessed the conditions for advancement. Based on previous studies, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology initiated and founded the Alliance of Industrial Internet jointly with enterprises in the manufacturing, communications, IT, Internet and many other fields, which was at the right moment. The founding of this Alliance will help combine the government and the industrial community as well as the top-level design and the enterprise practices. This Alliance will have a place in the global Internet development and seeks development opportunities.
Distinguished guests, the key of establishing a good platform lies in sincere cooperation, joint efforts, and co-sharing. I hope that the Alliance will play the leading and driving role well, and truly become a two-way communication platform for the government and enterprises, the crossover integration platform for the industrial and information fields, and an effective docking platform for the domestic development and international cooperation. Around the overall structure, network system, industrial big data, security assurance, key software and hardware and other important and difficult problems related to the overall situation, we should guide members of the Alliance to carry out the crossover cooperation and collaborative innovation, and form a safe and controllable industrial Internet ecosystem with orderly development. In particular, we should set up the concept of open development, actively link with relevant international organizations, pool the global wisdom, participate in the international cooperation, and promote the common development. I hope that members of the Alliance should enhance their integral consciousness and cooperation spirit, identify areas where the self-growth fits with the industrial development and national strategy, inspire each other, give full play to their own advantages, carry out comprehensive cooperation in technology, business and talents, and promote the scientific researches and industrialization of generic technologies.
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will actively cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the business guidance, create conditions, improve the policy, and support the Alliance of Industrial Internet in the top-level design of the industrial Internet. It will also support the Alliance to carry out the technological R&D, standardization, pilot demonstration, the establishment of the public service platform, international exchanges and cooperation and other related work, and promote the formation of the development pattern of the efficient linkage between the government, industry, academia and research institutes. Through this opportunity, I also hope that the local competent departments should actively support the work of the Alliance, provide preferential policies and resources for the development of the industrial Internet, and jointly promote and share the new achievements of the industrial changes.     
Finally, I wish that the Alliance of Industrial Internet will continuously develop, expand, and create brilliant achievements in the process of building the Manufacturing Power and Internet Power.
The Spring Festival is around the corner. Here I would like to bring my greetings to you in advance. I wish you a happy and healthy holiday with your family with everything going well with your work. Thank you!