Technology and Standards Working Group


To organize evaluation and selection of best technical solutions; to establish technical and standard exchange platforms; to conduct key technological research in industrial Internet and propose technical solutions; learn to establish standard system of industrial Internet and conduct standard research and development; to participate in standard verification and international cooperation.

CHAI Xudong

General Manager of Beijing HTZZ Technology and Development Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman
  • SHI Youkang

    Vice Director of the Technology and Standards Institute of CAICT

  • XIA Yan

    Director of the Department of Internet of Things, Shanghai Institute of China Telecom

  • ZHANG Weiliang

    Chief Architect of Cellular Internet of Things, HUAWEITechnologies Co., Ltd.

  • ZENG Peng

    Director of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • CHEN Wei

    President of China Telecom Research Institute

  • LU Chengzhang

    Director of the Corporate Management and Information Technology Department of Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

  • ZHANG Boshan

    Chief IOT Standard Officer of the Strategic Planning Department of ZTE

  • XU Dongyong

    Vice Manager of the Operation Support and Service Department of the IOT Operation Support Center of China Unicom