Industrial Internet Architecture(Version1.0)

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Industrial Internet Architecture(Version1.0)

In recent years, with the accelerated integration between the new generation information technologies, such as the Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, with traditional industries, a new round of technical revolution and industrial reform is rising up, a series of new modes of production and organization ways as well as business models are keeping emerging. Under such circumstances, the industrial internet was born at the right moment, and the explorations at both home and abroad are in full swing promoting an intelligence-oriented reform of the global industrial system.
The industrial internet involves all segments and all entities of industry and ICT fields such as internet and is evolving into an entirely new and complicated eco-system. Discrepancies in understanding industrial internet may lead to divergences in choosing technologies and standard roadmaps, which will affect the interoperability and raise deployment costs. For this reason, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Alliance of Industrial Internet (referred to as AII hereinafter) launched the study on the industrial internet architecture, and developed this “Industrial Internet Architecture” report (version 1.0) based on summarizing development practices at both home and abroad, which introduces the connotations, targets, architecture, key elements and trends of the industrial internet. It aims to drive industry community to reach a wide consensus on industrial internet, to provide references and guidance to AII’s works, such as the technical innovation, standard development, test and verification, application practices, etc. of industrial internet by taking the architecture as a traction, and to boost the healthy and fast development of industrial internet.
There’s no doubt that our understanding about the industrial internet is still preliminary as the industrial interne is a long evolution. The AII will continue revising and publishing updated versions of the report on the basis of continuous and in-depth studies as well as the development of industrial internet at both home and abroad and feedbacks from the industrial communities.