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Intellectual Property Rights Task Group


To organize and conduct research in intellectual property rights policies and related supportive research; to facilitate synergized innovation, application and development of intellectual property rights within the Alliance; and to conduct analysis and evaluation of the situation of intellectual property rights as well as exchanges and cooperation on intellectual property rights.

LI Wenyu

Director of Intellectual Property Rights, Technologies and Standards Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)
Vice Chairman
  • KANG Wei

    Director of IT Intellectual Property Rights Department, HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • MA Shuhui

    Assistant Director of 310 Institute , The Third Academy of CASIC

  • XU Min

    Chief Lawyer for Intellectual Property Rights legal patent and technology of Alibaba Group

  • BAI Li

    Manager of Intellectual Property Rights, Research Institute of China Mobile

  • WANG Yong

    Intellectual Property Rights Manager of Intelligent manufacturing platform , Haier Group