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Testbed Working Group


To organize and conduct experiment platform evaluation and selection and to organize research in soft and hardware system integration solutions as well as verification of key technology and standard experiment; to export universal experiment platform sets and standard requirements and generate replicable innovative solutions; and to align with international experiment platforms.

JIANG WangCheng

President of IoT Solution of HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman
  • ZHANG Hengsheng

    Engineer of the Technology and Standards Institute of CAICT

  • HOU Baocun

    Assistant General Manager of Tianzhi Technology Company ,CASIC Group

  • ZHANG Xiao

    CTO of Shenyang Machine Tool Intelligent Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • GUO Xiaoyan

    President of China Mobile Reseach Institute of IoT

  • ZHANG Jianxiong

    Senior Manager of IoT Department of China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute